Sun Safety: For You and Your Plants

Spring and summer are by far our favorite seasons here at Thornton Nursery. Mild weather means we’re back open for business, and the sun that comes with it brings us new growth and new friends in all of you. As we all begin to enjoy more time outdoors, it’s important to know both the benefits and dangers of the sun for you and your plants. And there’s no better time to talk about it than today, National Sunscreen Day!

The Sun and You

Sunshine and warm temperatures provide the perfect combination for a day in the yard. There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors while tending to your favorite plants and taking care of your green space. While the sun provides so many physical and mental benefits, like increased levels of serotonin and vitamin D, its effects can be harmful if not properly protected against. 

Keep yourself protected outdoors by applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and wearing a hat to keep the sun off your face. Without sunscreen, you risk developing skin cancer, increased signs of aging, and other forms of irreparable skin damage. Protecting yourself is as easy as a quick application of some lotion or spray to every area of exposed skin. Whether you go with a mineral or chemical sunscreen, spray or stick application,  and SPF 100 or SPF 30, your skin will thank you. With so many options to choose from, picking the right sunscreen for you can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Sun and Your Plants

The sun is necessary for the healthy growth and development of our plants. However, plants can suffer damage from too much time in the sun. An important part of plant care is learning what type of sunlight your plant needs to flourish. Full sun, partial shade, or full shade placement can have a huge impact on the growth of your plant. When considering a new addition to your yard, be sure to take note of the amount of light you have in that location. Our team members can use that information to assist you in finding plants that will thrive in your environment. 

Think your plants may have sun damage? With plants, signs of sun damage caused by too much direct sun will look like:

  • Dark or bleached spots on leaves
  • Dry, hardened soil
  • Wilting with first exposure to sun (most common in baby plants being transplanted outdoors)

Tending to your plants on a warm sunny day should be stress relieving, not something to stress over. Get rid of the added worry of potential skin damage by applying some sunscreen before your next day outdoors. 

Enjoy the warm weather and keep on planting!

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